Polini Group is an international company, one of the leaders in alcoholic beverage industry
Divisions of Polini Group in Europe
Polini Group SRL
The company's headquarters.
Since 2009 various production facilities in Italy have been merged into a new production structure, which was built on an area of 57 thousand square meters, and including administrative offices, laboratory R&D and logistics platform, production facilities, nominal capacity of one is 110 000 bottles per a day.
Vittone 1842 SLU
The Branch is engaged in trading by non-bottled and seasoned products - more than 10 million liters of distillates, mainly brandy, whiskey and rum. Vittone 1842 S.L.U. coordinate commercial activities and logistics of a large dealer network in Spain and Portugal.
Glenforest LTD
The Branch is specialized in supplying of Scotch whiskey. It is engaged in the entire chain, from the selection of fresh distillate to aging, blending and sale of whiskey in non-bottled and in bottled form.
POLINI GROUP italia S.R.L. is
Polini Import Ltd.
Polini Group Italia S.R.L. is one of the largest producers in Italy. The company has a large portfolio of its own brands, including premium, sold more than 25 countries.

Founded in 1968, the company has grown up due investments in technology, research and development, as well as through the purchase of businesses and historic brands such as
"Fernet Vittone dal 1842".
The excellent quality of our products is guaranteed by excellent raw materials and experience of Polini Group SRL. experts
Working with us
Individual terms of cooperation and interaction scheme
Modern equipment and a team of experienced specialists
Successful alcohol brands
Finished structure and full cycle from the producer to the final consumer
High-quality alcoholic beverages with European standards BRC-IFS
Uninterrupted supply of products
Our clients
Polini Import possess extensive experience and actively collaborates with federal retail chains, "Pyaterochka", "Krasnoe&Beloe", "Lenta" and others.