Polini Import Ltd.
Our business model is based on offering a strong portfolio of own brands Polini Group Italia SRL. and diverse range of international brand partners.

The portfolio includes more than 200 items, among them as global brands well as regional.

To our partners we offer the possibility of of using our production capacity, including the creation of its own alcoholic brand, packaging and logistics.
OUR BRANDS SUCH AS GLEN FOREST, ISSI, EL BANDIDO, GAETANO and others have strong positions in RUSSIAn alcohol market .
Polini Import Ltd. continues to develop and acquire new brands in order to always be able to offer products that meet the latest market trends.
Besides the production of alcoholic beverages, syrups and energy drinks, Polini Import Ltd. presents a large range of products of "premium" class, including, for example, scotch whiskey, london gin, absinthe and many other famous brands, which have been successfully using our logistics platform and distribution network.
Realizing characteristics of the local market, we select for our clients appropriate brands for their target audience from our portfolio. This allows to meet the expectations of consumers and achieve high sales. You can get acquainted with our brands by category below.
We will also be happy to make you a special offer at a personal meeting.
Our production