Prosecco Martiamo Treviso Extra Dry
DOCG. Treviso.
Dry white
Elegant white sparkling wine made from the grape variety Glera, grown in the region of Treviso in northeastern Italy.

The wine has a pale straw color, delicate taste with delicate spicy-fruity notes.

The aroma is dominated by shades of ripe fruit and flowers.

Win prisuschustoychivy perlyazh of small bubbles.
Recommended to be served chilled as an aperitif.

Also it goes well with light appetizers, dishes of fish and white meats, young cheeses, desserts and fruit.

Ingredients: White wine material from grapes Glera - 100%.
It contains food additive: antioxidant sulfur dioxide (E220).

The manufacturer: Polini Group Italia S.R.L.