We make alcohol that's your customers dream about
Polini Import Ltd. is developing and implement concepts of own brands of retail chains. We help our customers to create their own strong retail brands and optimize the best European alcohol brands for the Russian market.
Why we?
Creating your alcohol brand with us
You get several advantages
European quality traditions
Brand to your target audience
Excellent combination of price and quality
Our winery is equipped with the latest technologies that allow us to make great wines and spirits for different retail chains audiences.
Branding projects in the retail sector require a special approach and represent a fusion of design ideas, architectural, engineering and technological solutions. But this is only part of what is required to modern retail, which today goes beyond the usual boundaries.

Today, modern technology has changed the strategy of its development, define the new marketing challenges and expanding set of tools to solve them.

Our approach to alcohol brands is focused on
creating integrated solutions with maximum
concentration on the details
Unique formats that are born at the crossroads of national and European traditions, interactive technology, and much more inspire us to develop marketing solutions for the creation and launch of new, modern alcohol brands, as well as the make existing brands more attractive and effective.
Creating alcohol brand together with you we develop the appropriate packaging and label for your audience.
The best alcohol can be obtained only from the best grapes.
We create alcoholic brands to your needs. Working with our team of wine, you are creating a unique world-class wines and spirits; are building a balance of textures and flavors that you want it.